Contact us.

Generally, if you want to get in touch with us, we recommend that you request to join our private Facebook page. This page is managed rather frequently and it allows us to inform all of our members. We will accept your request as soon as possible.

We also have use Twitter account @shindigdev for reminders of public events.

Alternatively, if you aren't particularly a fan of using social media (we don't mind), either send an e-mail to and we will keep you informed, or just simply turn up at our next event and introduce yourself!

Finally, whilst we welcome anyone to join our group, please note that we only really consider people which reside inside a close enough distance to attend our events. By this, we mean that the attendee can make suitable travel arrangements frequently, and can attend our monthly events.

Your privacy.

Please also note that we never share your information with anyone. However, by joining our social media pages and third party services, the privacy of your information is out of our control.

More information about this can be found in our privacy page.